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12 Most downloaded Android applications

12 most downloaded android applications

Published date: 2nd April 2019
The download statistics for 12 most downloaded android applications are derived from the Google Play store.

Our topic is 12 Most downloaded Android applications on Google Play Store. Have you ever thought about what the most downloaded android applications on the Google Play store? if not, then don’t worry we will tell you category wise that what are the 12 most downloaded android applications on the Google Play store.

Now first we discuss:

Most Common Social Network Downloaded Applications

1. Facebook

We hope that you already knew about that Facebook is the most downloaded social android application on Google Play Store. More than “ONE BILLION” number of downloads has counted.

12 most downloaded android applications

2. Instagram

After Facebook, Instagram is the most downloaded social network android application by users. Well, this app is also owned by Facebook and it is social and video sharing social network application. The number of downloads to date is also more than “ONE BILLION“.


3. Twitter

Another popular android application which is also huge numbers of download is Twitter. On more than “FIVE HUNDRED MILLION” devices downloaded the Twitter application.


4. Snapchat

Snapchat application is one of the applications which gained popularity very quickly. Social network applications freaks use this application to share live moments, photos and videos. After Twitter, this application also has more than “FIVE HUNDRED MILLION” downloads.


5. Tik Tok

Nowadays, Tik Tok is buzzing around the world. Chinese based application for creating and sharing short videos. The count of download this app is more than “FIVE HUNDRED MILLION ” and still go on very quickly.

Tik Tok
Tik Tok: image courtesy shutterstock

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another social network which is quite different from rest of the above. This app is used for professional networking by job seekers and employers. To date, the number of downloads of this app is more than “ONE HUNDRED MILLION“.

LinkedIn: image courtesy shutterstock

After discussing social networking apps, now we discuss messenger applicaions category.

Most Downloaded Messenger Applications

1. WhatsApp

The most famous messenger app is WhatsApp which is used for sending messages, audio and video calls. we think every smartphone user must have this app into his smartphone. The number of downloads this app is “ONE BILLION” plus.


2. Facebook Messenger

After WhatsApp, Facebook messenger is widely used for communication. This app also provides text messages with images, audio and video call feature. “ONE BILLION” plus devices has this application.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger: image courtesy shutterstock

3. Skype

The another application for text messages, audio and video calling is Skype. It has also “ONE BILLION” plus downloads

Skype: Image courtesy shutterstock

Now we move to Game application category.

Most Downloaded Android Game Application

1. Subway Surfers

Many people addicted to smartphone games, one of the most addicting game which has a huge number of download is “Subway Surfers”. According to the Google play store more than “ONE BILLION” smartphone devices have this game.

Subway Surfer
Subway Surfer: image courtesy shutterstock

2. Candy Crush

Number 2nd on the list is Candy Crush, It is a puzzle game famous all over the world. The count of downloads for this gaming application is more than “FIVE HUNDRED MILLION“.

Candy Crush: Image courtesy shutterstock

Most Downloaded Android Utility Application

Clean Master

Clean Master is the most downloaded utility application, which is helpful to remove junk files, clear cache of the device and antivirus is also available. More than “ONE BILLION” devices have this application.

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There are also other Android applications available on play store which have also a great number of downloads, but we considered 12 most common downloaded android applications or trending applications which are quite popular these days.

The download statistics are derived from Google Play store.

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