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3 Grams Digital Scales App

Free Promotion of Mobile App

It is a 3 in 1 digital scales app that has real digital scales, visual digital scales and a fake/prank digital scales.  The accuracy depends on how you use the app and the way you balance your phone.  You get 2 free credits and another free credit for checking out our Facebook page.  Has a built-in stabilisation engine to give steady readings too.

Digital Scales:
Real accurate digital scales that works using your phones sensors!

Visual Scales:
Uses your phones camera to calculate weight of larger objects

Showcase Scales (Android):
Allows you to showcase weight readings you have stored in the app.

Here is one video demonstration  (there are 3 you can view in the app):

Website (For more info and videos):

Play Store URL:

NOTE: The purpose of this post is just promotional, Techolic HUB is not responsible for this app or any damage to your smartphone. This application is not property of Techolic HUB