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3 things must be considered when designing

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The company logo is the key to the brand, the recognition value, the image of your start-up and the basis of your corporate design. A good logo will vividly reflect the values ​​of your brand through the use of icons, fonts, and colors. Its objective is to become the face-to-face image of a series of values ​​and objectives that we want to convey from the beginning, and this image will help your company to break away from the competition in the market.

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1. Recognition value:

For a logo to represent a company or product, certain features and figureheads of the company or product should be included in the logo. This can be, for example, a simple form or a special color. One could also speak of uniqueness and memorability, since the logo at best stands out from the mass of logos and remains in the memory.

2. Implementability in black and white:

Each logo should also work in black and white. So it can be used in any field, whether print or online. The basic message of the logo should therefore not be lost even in a black and white version.

3. Scalable and reproducible:

Every professional company logo must be scalable and reproducible in order to be able to enlarge or reduce it without quality loss. In addition, the logo must always work and look good, whether small on a business card or large on a vehicle.

What is DesignEvo:

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to generate a professional logo, look no further than the DesignEvo logo maker that you can access from virtually any browser or almost any device connected to the Internet. It has provides 9000+ professionally designed templates, millions of icon, hundreds of font, and a wide range of shapes with which to decorate your logos. A couple of quick clicks and you’ll have a great logo in the blink of an eye.

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Create a logo with DesignEvo just following these steps:

The first thing you do is click the “make a free logo” button on its homepage. Then DesignEvo will generate lists of predesigned templates which neatly sorted by different categories. Once you have chosen one of the templates you like, you can enter your company name and get directly to the editor. 

At the far left of the editor, you will find four basic elements that can be used to customize your design.

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  • Icon: It is possible to search and insert millions of icon according to your purpose.
  • Text: you can personalize the typography with simply drag and drop.
  • Shape: It is available to add arrows, badges, banner, etc.
  • Background: you can choose a solid color or a gradient color to change the background.

Besides, it is available to preview your logo in different scenarios, including business card, website, T-shirt, etc.

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If you are satisfied with your work, you can download it for free in low resolution and with non-transparent images. The basic package is only $ 24.99 which contains a high-resolution transparent PNG. Realistically, the $ 49.99 premium package is the best deal. You’ll get high-resolution files, including transparent PNG and vector files (PDF, SVG), complete with lifetime service, unlimited re-download, copyright ownership and much more.

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