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5 Video Editing Tools for Beginners

Free Guest Post 5 Video Editing Tools

With the development of camera technology, everyone can now become a director. In other words, everyone can use their mobile phone, video recorder, digital camera, and even the pad to capture beautiful moments in life. But we know that the videos shot from camera equipment are without transition effects, captions, background music and so on.

Here is the reason why today I want to present 5 video makers for beginners that allows everyone to get and create movies and videos at a good level. They are all good tools with extremely simple and useful use.

1. FlexClip

Are you a beginner? The advice then is to try FlexClip. Unlike the professional program, the main feature of FlexClip is the ease of use. This does not mean that FlexClip does not do its job well. This is contrary to actual observation. FlexClip focuses on the elementary areas of video editing. So users are not bombarded with unnecessary effects, but get a good selection of popular filters. Various manipulations with the footage, such as merging multiple clips, deleting or record sound, trimming and rotating, can be performed using FlexClip. In addition, a wide range of captions, logo text, and an audio editor provide everything you need for video editing.

Techolic Hub FlexClip

2. Animoto

Animoto is another powerful online video editing tool, which allows you to create beautiful movies from existing photos and videos. The various elements that will have to compose the video can be uploaded through your computer or by automatically connecting to services like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. For each video, you can use one of the many ready-made themes, as well as apply music and writing. The service can be tested for free for 14 days after which, if you want to continue using the service, a subscription plan must be signed.

Techolic Hub Animoto

3. Movavi

If you love the effects, you should try out Movavi. The program stands out, compared to the software presented so far, above all for the wide range of effects available. The video editing software is presented with a very simple graphic layout and includes a series of advanced functionalities useful to be used also in a professional context. All in all, it is a convenient and simple program for video processing. It is a good choice for those who are not strong in installation, but want to quickly create a video for certain tasks. 

Techolic Hub Movavi

4. iMovie

This is Apple’s video editing software, as well as one of the best free tools. iMovie is also very simple to use. It has a clear and attractive graphic. And it is above all rich in features that allow you to easily create and edit clips. With iMovie, you can add audio effects to imported material. The program lets you save videos in different formats. In the latest version, the feature that allows the software to import from different devices, such as smartphones and action cams, clips made with the 4K resolution has been included.

Techolic Hub IMovie

5. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an online service to edit and customize your video files directly from the browser. If you want to make a movie in a simple but professional way, this site is perfect. ClipChamp comes with a very friendly interface, which makes video editing simple and intuitive. No additional software download is required, but quick registration is required. It is available to cut, split, merge, rotate and superimpose videos directly online. There are dozens of transitions to combine multiple movies with style, various additional effects and animated texts. It is also possible to record video up to 5 minutes in different quality, directly dependent on the capabilities of your webcam.

Techolic Hub ClipChamp

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At last, we hope that you will be helped by the video makers mentioned above. The program offers many features but has an intuitive user interface so you can create your videos for the shortest possible time.

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