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9 valuable and useful tools for blogging

10 useful tools for blogging

If you are a blogger and finding the best or useful tools for blogging or plan to launch a blog website using WordPress then this article will be helping you. Hopefully, after reading this post, bloggers will use these useful tools for blogging.

We will provide you with a list of must-have tools for blogging which will save your precious time and easy your life while blogging.

1. Yoast SEO

The most important part of a website is SEO (search engine optimization), every blogger wants that his website appeared on the index page of the search engine but due to lack of skills and experience most of the bloggers fail to produce the high ranking article for search engines. Yoast SEO is the solution for SEO, we can say it is a high-grade tool for SEO it makes sure you that you cover all the SEO techniques like meta description, title, focus keyphrase.

This tool analysis sentence length, spelling mistakes, paragraph length and others. Yoast SEO is not completely free, premium features provide more functionality like optimization of keywords, Know when to update your most important pages, Preview your page in Google and other search engines and others.

useful tools for blogging

2. Grammarly

We recommend this tool highly, Grammarly highlights all the grammar and spelling mistakes. you can say it is your virtual assistant while writing a blog. Additionally, this tool works with WordPress also.

You can also install its Google’s chrome extension. This tool has the premium feature as well but its free version is also worthy.

3. Image Editing Tools


Images or graphics is an integral part of blog writing. Most of the readers take interest in those articles which use the more interactive image. The most painful part of a blogger is creating or edit an image. Canva is the web-based tool for creating graphics and images by just dragging drops image component. By using Canva you can create an interactive image with least effort and in a shorter time.


Design Wizard

Another tool available for creating or editing images/designs name Design Wizard. They provide different packages with multiple features including a free package with a lot of templates available.

4. Free Images

As we mentioned before, Images are essential for a blog but the problem is free images are hard to find on search engines and no one wants to risk regarding the copywriting issue. To prevent from copywriting issue always use royalty free images. We are listing down a few websites where you can download royalty free images.

Free Guest Post

5. Push Alert

Push Alert allows you to send a notification to your subscribers. When user open your blog website the confirmation popup appears with a message like “Would you like to subscribe our blog?”. If users click on the “Yes” button then that user becomes a subscriber of your blog.

You can send a notification to all subscribers regarding any update of the blog or new post. When user will open a browser, notification will appear regarding your blog updates on his screen.

This tool can be easily integrated with WordPress, also provide statistics that how many users subscribe to your blog with the conversion rate of clicks.

They have four packages Free, Basic, Premium and Platinum. You can go with a free package if your blog website is just new or you are planning to launch.

Push alert

6. Social Warfare

As a blogger, you want your article should be spread on social networking websites by readers or gain more and more visitors from social networking sites. For this, you should provide a share content option on your post or article. There are a lot of plugins available on WordPress store. you can download from there and integrate with your blog website.

As per our experience, Social Warfare plugin is providing beneficial features in the free package. You can install and configure it with your blog website very easily.

Social share

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7. Trending

For bloggers, it is very necessary to find what’s going around the world.
It will be helpful for them to select a topic. For this, they can do research on different social network sites or blog websites.

For easiness of bloggers regarding a selection of topic, they can search for topics on Google Trends or What’s Trending. It will save their time to research for finding topics.


For any blog or article it very necessary that the reader can easily understand the article. Readable is a tool which examines your article that how much it is readable easily. You can test your article by giving article URL or you can directly paste the text.

Readable testing tool

9. Google Analytics

Blogger wants to know how much traffic is generating and from which source on his post, article and blog website. Google Analytics gives all accurate tracking statistics like number of visitors, number of unique visitors, source of traffic and others.

The best features of Google Analytics is live tracking with features like location, device, network, social traffic and others.

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Hopefully, this post will be helpful for your blogging career or you can improve your blog website by using the mentioned 9 useful tools for blogging.