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Apple Watch Series 3 Review

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In the mid of September 2017, Apple watch Series 3 was launched by the parent company Apple Inc. This is the successor of Apple Watch Series 2 which was also listened as best fitness tracker. It is not just an upgrade of the previous one, with a built-in fitness tracker, auto sync music player, and a superior call network connectivity made this phone even more popular in this price segment.

Product Variant

Apple watch series 3 is available mainly in two variants- the costly one comes with network connectivity option, which is mainly LTE band, and the other one consists of a normal GPS. One important thing to consider is that the GPS version is cheaper than Apple Series 2 watches, but having more powerful chipset and an upgraded OS.

Both these variants come out of the box with WatchOS 4, which is basically a significant update of the previous OS version. These flagship level watches are termed as flagship level watches for its longevity and fitness tracking software.

Main Features

1. Design and Screen

The design and the build quality of the watches are pretty great. Elegant, vivid and bright 1.65-inch display (42 mm) made this watch iconic. The screen also uses the most popular OLED technology. Bight and crisp display help the device to use it under direct sunlight.

2. Processor and Software

Apple Series 3 Watches comes out with a faster dual-core processor for better speed. WatchOS 4 is highly customized so that the users can use this watch easily. Features like dock home screen, flicking through the dock, spinning icon made this watch quite popular.

3. Network Quality

These watches use LTE technology with always-on cellular functionality. Network strength is excellent and data speed is remarkable. Wireless chips are used to auto switch between WiFi, cellular network and Bluetooth signals. Separate dial pad can be used for making a call.

4. Battery and Storage

279 MAH batteries can easily last a whole day with moderate usage. Series 3 watches consists of 16 GB storage, 768 Mb ram, which is a clear winner in this category.

Pros and Cons

The main Pros of these watches are,

  • Apple S3 chipset along with 768 Mb ram used for snappier performance.
  • Super bright AMOLED display can be used in outdoor sunlight.
  • Improved fitness and exercise tracking applications are used in this series. So that the results are accurate and fulfill its requirement.
  • Decent battery life on moderate usage. 279 MAH batteries can deliver 24 hours power pack performance without a single charge.
  • Apple Pay is useful in most cases, which is pre-installed in this watch.

Now let’s discuss the cons,

  • LTE Roaming not available.
  • There is no support for Apple Music Streaming.
  • Siri doesn’t work all the times.
  • LTE consumes high battery while calling.

Despite these cons, Apple Series 3 watches are considered as one of the best watches on the market. The device is best for the fitness enthusiast, sportspersons and also useful in general lifestyle. Improved screen, better battery life, and accurate fitness tracking sensors are the most noticeable features in Apple Series 3 watches.

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