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5 Video Editing Tools for Beginners

Free Guest Post 5 Video Editing Tools

With the development of camera technology, everyone can now become a director. In other words, everyone can use their mobile phone, video recorder, digital camera, and even the pad to capture beautiful moments in life. But we know that the videos shot from camera equipment are without transition effects, captions, background music … Read the rest

3 things must be considered when designing

Free Guest Post Techolic HUB

The company logo is the key to the brand, the recognition value, the image of your start-up and the basis of your corporate design. A good logo will vividly reflect the values ​​of your brand through the use of icons, fonts, and colors. Its objective is to become the face-to-face image of a … Read the rest

Wikipedia—A Tool for Boosting SEO

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From Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, the internet is filled with numerous platforms that provide you with lucrative branding and marketing opportunities. But have you ever considered Wikipedia as one of your marketing? If not, then now is the right time to explore the untapped marketing potentials of Wikipedia. In the later section of this article, we will discuss SEO through Wikipedia also give quick tips of Wikipedia SEO. Ever since its inception, this platform has been used as an informative source and site. Being one of the highest visited sites, present on the online world, Wikipedia has an extensive and