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Wikipedia Blocked In China

Wikipedia blocked in China

14 May 2019
Like Google, now Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages. Previously, they banned Wikipedia only in Chinese language but this time they blocked in all languages.

Wikipedia did not release any official notification regarding this news and they also did not receive any official notice regarding this … Read the rest

What is VPN and why it is use?

We know most readers wanted to know that what is VPN and why it is use? VPN (Virtual private network), by using it you will be able to establish a secure connection to another network over the internet.
If any website is restricted into your region or you want to … Read the rest

Twitter deleted messages remains after several years: Report


What you expect when you delete DM message from twitter? Of-course you are thinking that It should be deleted permanently and non retrievable at all, but in reality Twitter keeps your deleted message for archive.

Karan Saini security researcher discovered he was able to retrieve old Twitter DMs he had … Read the rest