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Essential Apps for your Smartphone

useful apps for smartphone

The purpose of this article to educate you that which apps you should have into your smartphone or essential apps for your smartphone. There are lot of mobile applications available on the store for your smartphone but you install the most useful app for your smartphone. Here we will tell you which mobile application you must install for the betterment of you as well as your smartphone.

1. Google Assistant

One of the best product of Google is “Google Assistant”. The purpose of this app is provide answers of your any question, play music, setup reminders or alarm, weather report, news and others. We will must recommend you to install this app into your smartphone and enjoy the magic of Google Assistant.

Here is download URL:

2. Google Chrome

You always need a browser in your smartphone for internet surfing. Smartphone have browser by default, but we recommend you to install “Google Chrome”. Google sync your browsing history from one device to another for example if you search any thing from your laptop or PC it will be available on your smartphone as well into your browsing history. For this you have to log in from your Google account on all devices.

Here is download URL:

3. Clean Master

To prevent from slowness of smartphone, we will recommend you Clean Master Application. This App helps to remove junk files and clear cache. This app also provide antivirus for more detail and download URL read our post about.

4. GNotes

If you write a diary or you write down your daily notes then this app will be good for you. By using this app you can also create checklist, set reminder on any note also you can add image, voice recording or hand writing.

The best feature of this app is you can synchronize your save notes on all devices.

Here is download URL:

5. Communication

To communicate with your friends, family, colleagues, posting images on social sites or socialize with others you can install following apps well most of the smartphone users already know about these apps.

  1. Facebook
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Skype
  4. Twitter
  5. IMO
  6. LinkedIn for Professionals
  7. Pinterest

6. Photo Editing

There are lot of mobile applications available on store to edit your best captured image. By using these apps you can apply filters, crop, add text, tilt image and others. But you can’t install all photo editing apps into your device. Now we will tell you which app you should have for picture editing.

  • Pixlr โ€“ Free Photo Editor: This app gives all feature regarding picture editing. Download it and Enjoy.

Here is download URL:

7. Data Backup

To prevent from data lost you should have at least one data backup application into your smartphone. We will recommend you

Google Drive: This is another product of google. Which gives you 15GB cloud storage memory. You can store your important files, contacts, messages, images, videos on Google drive. This app can take backup automatically and synchronized with your all devices.

You can download it from following URL:

There are also other apps available on store like DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive.

8. Quora

This app is related to question and answers. You can ask any question on any topic to people available on this platform.

Here is download URL:

9. Battery Indicator App

To prevent over charge your smartphone battery install this app. This app will indicate you when battery fully charged or low.

Read more about this app:

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10. OfficeSuite – Free Office, PDF, Word,Sheets,Slides

This app provides functionality to read,create or update document files, excel sheets , power point slides. It is must install app for your smartphone.

Download URL:


As per research, most of these apps are useful for all age group and gender.
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