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Era of Folding Smartphones Just Starting

Folding Smartphone

Technology changes quite drastically day by day. In terms of smartphones, mobile manufacturing companies are providing unimaginable features to consumer. In Span of last 15 years, mobile phones arrived from small screen to large screen, from ordinary camera to HD camera, in terms of connectivity you have now WiFi, 3G, 4G.

Did you ever imagine that smartphone can arrive with the feature of folding? If no, then we announce here that folding smartphones are now available into market or will be available soon. These are companies which are dealing into folding smartphone.

1. FlexPai

It will be not wrong if we say that they are pioneers in terms of folding smartphone. They launched smartphone in October 31, 2018. 
For more details about FlexPai read our article:

2. Samsung

Everyone knows about Samsung’s smartphone they launched lot of series with most interactive features. Now they announced “Samsung Galaxy Fold”. They are planning to launch it into April, starting at $1,980. Here is official video of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Video courtesy by: Samsung

3. Huawei’s Mate X

After announcement of Samsung’ Galaxy Fold, Huawei just announced their Folding phone with name of Mate X. They are claiming that their folding smartphone will be thinner than others. Here is video courtesy by The Verge

Video courtesy by: The Verge

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This is just beginning of folding smartphones hopefully other manufacturers will also jump into technology of folding smartphones.