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How to choose best android smartphone?

how to choose best smartphone

If you are thinking about to change or buy a new cell phone and you are not decided yet or confuse that how to choose best smartphone or which cell phone is good for you and full fill your requirement.

Hopefully this article will quite helpful to choose best android smartphone.

First you should know that why you are want to change smartphone, Might be you want to large screen smartphone or better camera result.

Well you should buy smartphone which have:

Updated or Latest OS:

You should prefer smartphone which have latest OS or upgrade-able to latest OS. Remember most of the new android application does not work on old android version. You can also miss new features of android OS if you have old version of android.

To check which android version is installed on android device.
Go to settings>>about>>android version

RAM and Storage Memory

RAM plays the most important part for android device. if you compare smartphone with any other device then always consider RAM first. If device have sufficient RAM then chances of slowness of device will be minimize.

Now a days, smartphones are coming with sufficient RAM value. At least your new device should have 3gb RAM or higher will be great for your device.

If you have addiction of taking pictures then you have to need more space. Majority of device have 16GB and 32GB storage limit. We recommended you that device should have at least 32GB storage memory.


Camera is the main feature of any smartphone. Now a days smartphones are coming with high megapixel count. Also smartphone companies market their devices on basis of camera result. If you are selfies freak then consider camera result first 🙂


If cellphone have all major features but does not have great number of mAh then never buy it.
Remember now a days battery of cell phone are not easily replaceable. So you have to intelligently choose smartphone in terms of battery number.

Hopefully to consider all above points you will get good smartphone as you are 🙂

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