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Run YouTube Video Into Background On Android Smartphone


March 02, 2019

Most users ask how to run youtube Video into background on Android smartphone. As you know, YouTube mobile application does not run in the background. It works only as a foreground app. Video stops when you press the home button on your smartphone or you have to do any activity like send SMS, WhatsApp, Internet browsing.

Sometime it is quite frustrating that you want to listen your favorite song while texting but you can’t. Now we will give you solution to play YouTube video in background.

Solution # 1

  • Open Google chrome browser.
  • Open YouTube website.
  • Tap on 3 dots on right of URL/Address bar.
  • Select “Request Desktop Site”.
  • You will get alert regarding notification, select allow.
  • Now you will be able to play YouTube video on background.

Solution # 2

On Google Play store, applications are available which provide functionality to run YouTube video as floating on screen. The most downloaded application is :

Floating Tube

You can use this application as alternative of YouTube, by using this application (Contains Ads) video will run as floating screen and you are able to do other activities on your device. This app also provide feature to resize, minimize and maximize video screen.

Here is URL of application.

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