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Wikipedia—A Tool for Boosting SEO

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From Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, the internet is filled with numerous platforms that provide you with lucrative branding and marketing opportunities. But have you ever considered Wikipedia as one of your marketing? If not, then now is the right time to explore the untapped marketing potentials of Wikipedia. In the later section of this article, we will discuss SEO through Wikipedia also give quick tips of Wikipedia SEO.

Ever since its inception, this platform has been used as an informative source and site. Being one of the highest visited sites, present on the online world, Wikipedia has an extensive and global audience. For that very reason, Wikipedia can be a valuable business asset for enhancing marketing strategies and boosting your business SEO methods and ranks.

There’s no denying that Wikipedia pages and links rank the highest on every search engine’s results page which might be the chief reason for using Wikipedia as the SEO booster. Apart from offering increased SEO performance and improved rankings, here’s a quick glimpse at benefits Wikipedia can provide you with:

  • It builds a better reputation.
  • Increased online presence.
  • Improved digital visibility.
  • Elevates SERPs rankings.
  • Increased possibilities of making it to the Google Knowledge Graph.

The Wiki Ideology:

Wikipedia is one of the largest online encyclopedias which makes it easily accessible and available to all. Since it is an open-source site, anyone edits the content posted on Wikipedia. The chief objective of Wikipedia is to provide its users with credible and accurate information on every topic and subject. Having hundreds and thousands of wiki volunteers, Wikipedia archives more than a million well-composed written pieces.

Since the ease of access and availability makes it prone to vandalism, Wikipedia follows strict notability criteria only the one with a certain degree of notoriety can be allowed. To ensure that the Wikipedia writer or editor is of a notable person, Wikipedia verifies and checks the third-party sources and citations.

To accomplish your goals of SEO marketing, it is important to have a clear understanding of the wiki guidelines and rules. One of the widely-practised approaches for successful SEO through Wikipedia is to go for Wikipedia editors for hire to avoid violation of any wiki law or guideline.

SEO through Wikipedia:

The first question that might have popped in your mind must be that SEO is all about promoting the brand and business in every way and Wikipedia is completely against promotional content, then how can one achieve SEO objectives through Wikipedia? Well, the answer lies in one of the Wiki guidelines i.e., maintain the tone of neutrality. The tone of neutrality might sound like the exact opposite of how a promotional SEO must be, this tone of neutrality of content is what adds reliability and authenticity to your content.

Just as you produce high-quality marketing blog or a well-composed sales pitch by adding your business values to the content in the same way you can add value to your Wikipedia by stating the accurate figures, stats and information of your business or brand. Unlike blog and sales pitch, you have to avoid the advertorial tone to make your content Wiki-worthy.

Whether you have contacted Wikipedia editors for hire, or you are doing it on your own, making a page on Wikipedia is not a cakewalk. To succeed in wiki-SEO one needs to have strong and credible backlinks because without them your page is bound for the deletion or getting labelled as a spam page.

The path for successful wiki-SEO is a testing one, you need patience and persistence. The results could be as fruitful as doubled site traffic and leads or could be as unproductive as a zero increase in sales and return rates. However, diving right in the articles creation and backlink addition processes is not a productive approach for successful SEO through Wikipedia.

Quick Tips for Wikipedia SEO:

For a successful wiki-SEO, you need to build a reputation on Wikipedia by contributing to the well-established wiki-community. For that you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Start by making an account on Wikipedia.
  • To build a reputable place on Wikipedia, begin by making small changes and edits to the already existing Wikipedia articles and content.
  • To avoid dealing with professional editors, make changes and edits to the topics and subjects with less traffic generation.
  • If nothing else works, start by correcting the typing errors.

It does not help you in making a well-established reputation on Wikipedia, but it also puts in a strong position to achieve your SEO targets. Where some might say that using Wikipedia as a marketing tool is not a fruitful approach, nothing can bring more traffic and add credibility to your business than a wiki business page.

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Doing SEO while using Wikipedia as the marketing platform might take some money, energy and a lot of your time and efforts but this one-time investment is worth the money and efforts.

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