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Free promotion of mobile application

Are you fond of word games? Unjumble is an Android smartphone word game which tests your ability to find valid words from a given set of letters. Each letter is assigned points and your score for each word is the sum of the points for each letter. Score high, find … Read the rest

12 Most downloaded Android applications

12 most downloaded android applications

Published date: 2nd April 2019
The download statistics for 12 most downloaded android applications are derived from the Google Play store.

Our topic is 12 Most downloaded Android applications on Google Play Store. Have you ever thought about what the most downloaded android applications on the Google Play store? if … Read the rest

Essential Apps for your Smartphone

useful apps for smartphone

The purpose of this article to educate you that which apps you should have into your smartphone or essential apps for your smartphone. There are lot of mobile applications available on the store for your smartphone but you install the most useful app for your smartphone. Here we will tell … Read the rest

Nokia 9 PureView launches with 5 rear cameras

Nokia Pureview

February 26, 2019 ,
Picture courtesy: NOKIA

Have you ever seen a smartphone with more than 2 or 3 rear cameras? If no, then news for you is that Nokia has launched Nokia 9 Pureview with 5 rear cameras at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

Nokia 9 Purview based on … Read the rest

Era of Folding Smartphones Just Starting

Folding Smartphone

Technology changes quite drastically day by day. In terms of smartphones, mobile manufacturing companies are providing unimaginable features to consumer. In Span of last 15 years, mobile phones arrived from small screen to large screen, from ordinary camera to HD camera, in terms of connectivity you have now WiFi, 3G, … Read the rest

Clean Master

The most common annoying issue for smartphone user is device lagging and slowness. Everyone hates slow device.

Clean master is free tool which deletes junk files, as a result device performs better, discard unwanted cache and create more storage space.

This application also provide free antivirus which blocks and remove … Read the rest