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Don’t need to safely remove USB flash drives

Safely remove usb flash drive

We hope most of the readers will be shock or happy by this title that Don’t need to safely remove USB flash drives. 

YES, it is true now.

In Past, every technical person always suggests or emphasis don’t pull out USB drive directly without click on safely “Remove Hardware” icon … Read the rest

Wikipedia—A Tool for Boosting SEO

search engine optimization

From Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, the internet is filled with numerous platforms that provide you with lucrative branding and marketing opportunities. But have you ever considered Wikipedia as one of your marketing? If not, then now is the right time to explore the untapped marketing potentials of Wikipedia. In the later section of this article, we will discuss SEO through Wikipedia also give quick tips of Wikipedia SEO. Ever since its inception, this platform has been used as an informative source and site. Being one of the highest visited sites, present on the online world, Wikipedia has an extensive and

How to create GIF images

How to create GIF image

GIF images are basically animated and static image. Nowadays people are sharing funny animated images on social network timelines. If you don’t know and amazed at how they create GIF images then don’t worry. Today we will give you an idea that how to create GIF images as well.


Read the rest

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging tips for beginners

We know that you are thinking that we are covering the most common topic regarding tips for blogging. The reason is recently a lot of folks asking from us how they can start blogging or any tips for beginner level blogger or those people who just started blogging. Here we … Read the rest

Essential Apps for your Smartphone

useful apps for smartphone

The purpose of this article to educate you that which apps you should have into your smartphone or essential apps for your smartphone. There are lot of mobile applications available on the store for your smartphone but you install the most useful app for your smartphone. Here we will tell … Read the rest