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The ultimate Pixel 3 substitute

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Pocophone f1

The Pocophone f1 is a truly remarkable device. It has got a flagship tier Snapdragon 845 SOC, a 6.18 inch IPS display, 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage packed with a four thousand milliamp-hour battery it is really cheap when compared to the Pixel 3. So why were we excited about the Poco phone f1? Well, the specs of this thing are amazing and it is because it included UI operating system. So we are going to walk you guys through how you can turn this cheap flagship killer into almost a pixel 3 XL equivalent. Also, you can buy this phone using Paytm Mall Offers with great discount

Nerfed camera and legal google contribution

There is a fair bit of evidence that Xiomi is intentionally nerfing the camera on the f1 through software to keep their budget Poco brand from competing with their higher-end devices. So android software flashing then. I have not given much thought to custom ROM since Samsung ditched touch wiz and cyanogen mod died a couple of years ago but lineage OS which was founded shortly after signing demise by a few of its core developers has been going ever since. Lineage OS shares many of CyanogenMod strengths like its lack of bloatware, solid customization, and regular security updates but oddly enough one difference is that it does not have the stock Google apps by default. Thanks to some legal encouragement from google.

That stuff will need to be flashed on afterwards, more on that later, the point is once you put it all together you end up with what is effectively the stock Android experience like you would get on a Pixel device and a little bit of tinkering we can even make it look like the new Pixel 3s. So that is what we are going to do. Now it is almost time to begin but before that, I want to put a big disclaimer that this process is going to involve wiping it. You will lose your data.

Customising the phone to get the best out of it

You will need a computer and a USB cable as well as a full charge on your phone’s battery to ensure Customizing that it does not die during the following procedure. Starting in the setting apps we are going to navigate to about phone then click the MI UI version or build number until it says you are now a developer. What it actually does is unlock the developer options that we are going to need for this process including USB debugging and OEM locking. On Shelby phones like the Poco phone, unlocking the bootloader required you to register your device to a Xiaomi account with a linked phone number after which there is a 72 hour wait period after which you can unlock the bootloader.

Once your device is registered to an MI account with the phone number download the MI unlock app to your PC and run through the steps in the app. Your phone should now have an unlocked bootloader which allows you to flash a custom recovery firmware. Next up we will be installing our custom recovery firmware which will allow us to flash our third party OS on to the device. So we will need platform tools. Then extract all the files in a named ADB in the root of your computer’s C drive. With those files in place plug the device into your PC and then hold the volume down and power buttons until you are in fast boot mode. At this point it is a good idea to start downloading the larger files you will need including the 9.0 firmware and vendor files, the latest Lineage OS build AND TWRP.

Back on the PC open command prompt and now we can get to our custom recovery firmware. First up we are going to check if fast boot can detect our connected device once that is good to go we can move our TWRP recovery file into the ADB directory. Flash it and then boot to it. Back on the phone, you should be booted into TWRP mode so there should be a prompt for a password here but just click cancel and then wipe just the data partition. Go ahead and reboot to recovery and then we can copy over both the disable force encryptions and magisc files we are going to install the encryption disabler first followed by magisc with a reboot in between. Now our Poco f1 is rooted and ready for a custom ROM.

Installing apps and Google services

At this point, you can choose between lineage OS, experience or whatever else you are into. Since Lineage OS does not come with google apps so you will need a couple of extra steps here so we are going to download them separately. Please note that you must use ARM 64 Android 9.0 Nano variant. Moreover, you can easily make a purchase of these gadgets using Shopclues Sale with great offers.