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Top 10 Tips to Get your App approved in the Play Store

Top 10 Tips to Get your App approved in the Play Store

Play Store gets redesigned every few months and if you are an app developer you may notice a few changes in it. Google Play Store is one of the most personalized Android app marketing platforms and thus to get your app featured on Play Store is now more important than ever.

Every app developers want to get their app approved by Play Store. Every app developer makes a lot of effort into building a quality app and invests a lot of time and resources in doing the same.

Featuring on Play Store will be hugely beneficial for your app. It will boost your app’s traffic, visibility and downloads tremendously. With over millions of apps available on Play Store, the competition has become tougher than ever.

The editors aggressively notice even the smallest details of an app before approving. While there is no sure way of guaranteed success, you can follow these top 10 tips to get your app approved in the Play Store.

1. Provide App’s Details

Top 10 Tips to Get your App approved in the Play Store

Providing incomplete app details can be the main reason behind your app not being approved. Make sure to include a detailed description of your app before submitting.

Each and every app gets reviewed by the team of reviewers and they notice even smallest details. If the reviewers won’t find your app’s details unique a useful they may reject your submission request. Make a great effort to create an effective and unique app description.

Follow these tips to craft an appealing app description:

  • Describe the features
  • Include useful and relevant images
  • Keep the information digestible
  • Provide app support and contact details for the users

2. Check Multiple Times Before Submitting

Top 10 Tips to Get your App approved in the Play Store

Submitting your app without testing it may be a disaster. Never ever submit your app before testing it multiple times. You must verify the UI elements of your app and testing will help you in doing the same.

There are multiple tools available for app testing and even Android platform also offers tools for app testing. Online app testing tools are great but Emulators are best for this purpose. Emulators make it possible for the user to test their app on a real physical device.  

3. Follow other Developers

Top 10 Tips to Get your App approved in the Play Store

No matter if you are new to app developing or a professional, you must always look for new inspirations and ideas. It is always beneficial to learn from others mistakes than repeating the same mistake.

Try hard to avoid those mistakes while submitting the app. I have made a small list of mistakes almost every app developer makes:

  • Average designed app
  • Incomplete app
  • Unimpressive performance
  • Including copied contents
  • Poor user interface

4. Keep the User Interface Simple

Top 10 Tips to Get your App approved in the Play Store

If you are going to submit your app for the first time, make effort to keep it simple. At the beginning start with simple version of your app and later provide version updates.

You must have worked hard in developing a unique app and if the users find it difficult to use there will be no worth of your hard work and dedication. 

5. Follow the Submissions Guidelines

Top 10 Tips to Get your App approved in the Play Store

It will be a better idea to follow all the guidelines and rules instead of violating them. Play Store and other authorized app marketing platforms are very strict about their policies and guidelines.

Just a casual overview of guidelines and rules may not help you a lot. Make sure to read the rules carefully and also follow them.

6. Work More on Fixing Technical Errors

Top 10 Tips to Get your App approved in the Play Store

It is possible that your app may gets rejected even you have done a great job. There is always room for improvement and you must look for the technical errors to fix.

Make great effort to find the bugs and errors and eliminate them before submission. If your app gets rejected, look for the reasons and fix them.

  • Track the bugs which are overlooked most of the time
  • Test the app multiple times
  • Use beta tester to track bugs

7. Create Up to date Apps

Play Store and other app marketing platform prefer apps or game apps which are regularly updated. Keep your app up to date and add latest features to it. If your app has been approved earlier then you must start working on its upgrade version. Provide app’s update to your user regularly.

8. Go for a Creative Logo

The logo or icon of your app must be enticing, memorable and distinct. The logo is the first thing app users see while searching for apps on Play Store.

In order to boost CTR and visibility of your app, work on designing an app capable in standing at the top in the crowd. Your logo or icon must have unique designs which demonstrate the features of your app too.

9. Fix Things and Reapply

Rejection isn’t end of the world. You think that you have done the things right, your app is bug free and flawless but yet your app may not be approved.

Once your app gets rejected by the reviewers, reevaluate the app, track bugs and fix it, work more on description and other elements and reapply. Few tips on how to reevaluate apps after rejection:

  • Ask reviewers to provide reasons for being unapproved
  • Look for expert advice
  • Fix bugs and errors

10. Never Lose Hope

Many apps get unapproved, its common so don’t lose hope. Professional app developers may have faced rejection many times and they know how to deal with the circumstances.

If you are new to app developing it may be uncomfortable for you but quitting isn’t the right way.

I have made a small list of things to consider while developing and submitting your app.

  • Work more on quality, user interface and usability of the app
  • Functionality and efficiency of the app
  • Create unique and original content
  • Think twice if your app is problem solving or not
  • Include compelling and relevant images, screenshots, tutorials, videos, descriptions and app previews
  • Add various marketing assets
  • Make your app’s icon stand out in the crowd.
  • Prevent your app from being outdated

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Bottom Line:

The app industry has become bigger than ever and will be huge in the near future. These days’ apps contain the latest trends and innovations. Developing a quality app isn’t easy and if it is gets rejected it will be totally devastating. I have pinned a few points here which will help you in increasing the chances of your app’s approval.

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