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Are you fond of word games? Unjumble is an Android smartphone word game which tests your ability to find valid words from a given set of letters. Each letter is assigned points and your score for each word is the sum of the points for each letter. Score high, find Bingos, unlock achievements, top leaderboards and be a Master Unjumbler!

Features of Unjumble Word Game

• Play Unjumble in three modes – Classic mode, Rush mode and Relaxed mode. 
– Classic: Classic mode has a simple rule – get as many high scoring words as you can within the time limit. 
– Rush: In the rush mode, your speed is put to the test for real. Your score for each word is based on how fast you enter the word. 
– Relax: There are no time limits in relaxed mode. Find words at your pace and try to get the highest valid streak you can. 

• Level up: Find words, score big, level up and become the ultimate unjumbler. 

• Local multiplayer: Play with friends close to you without an internet connection via local multiplayer. With Bluetooth, you can play with a single friend, and with hotspot tethering, you can play with up to 5 friends.

• Online multiplayer: Play with friends and other Unjumble players online. Place challenges, accept challenges and become an Unjumble champion.

• Robust stats system: The game helps you to keep track of how much of an Unjumbler you are, thanks to the stats system.

• Achievements and Leaderboards: Unlock achievements and compare scores and progress with other players.

Online features require a Google Play Games account. 
For enquiries and complaints, send an email to

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