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What is VPN and why it is use?

We know most readers wanted to know that what is VPN and why it is use? VPN (Virtual private network), by using it you will be able to establish a secure connection to another network over the internet.
If any website is restricted into your region or you want to keep secret your browsing activity from spying eyes on your network then VPN will solve this problem.

Now a days, people use VPN frequently but the main purpose of VPN was to connect with business network from home over the internet.

VPN helpful for you:

  • Access geographic restricted websites.
  • Hiding your true location.
  • Access Netflix and other streaming media website.
  • Use Public or Hotel Wi-Fi without any fear.
  • Search engines will not logged your search history.

VPN actually change your original IP Address and influencing you to seem to originate from an another device, area and country.

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